Record results in February 2008 for Superfund Funds

Record results in February for the Superfund SICAV Euro funds with returns of up to 28.2% and a new all-time high for the Superfund flagship fund

The 12th anniversary of the Superfund Group of investment companies was celebrated on 8th March, with record-breaking performance from the SICAV Euro funds marking an auspicious start to 2008. Superfund A EUR SICAV achieved a return of +13.8% for the month of February alone, while the more dynamic Superfund B EUR SICAV produced +21.5% and the aggressive Superfund C EUR SICAV returned a staggering +28.2%. Commenting on this favorable start to the year, the Founder & Owner of Superfund, Christian Baha said: “While these results show that managed futures can achieve substantial gains or losses in the short-term, it is the long term that is more important, and managed futures funds have performed amongst the best asset classes over the long term.” For example, Superfund Q-AG (A Strategy; closed fund), has provided investors with +624.0% since it was first issued almost 12 years ago, which equates to an average annual return of +18.0%.

Trends in many markets: Following a fairly difficult year for trend followers, the Superfund trading systems were recently able to take advantage of pronounced trends in multiple markets. Steadily increasing demand from China fuelled a strong increase in grain and oilseed prices. Soybeans climbed to a new record high. Gold futures soared amid growing concerns about rising inflation. In addition, prices in the energy sector were also driven upwards - led by heating oil which experienced impressive returns soaring to a new all-time high since trading began in 1978. Superfund funds also took significant advantage of the falling dollar.