2008 first-half results: Record performance for all Superfund funds

Superfund funds set record performance levels in the first half of 2008 despite declining stock markets and the continuing mortgage crisis dominating the opening two quarters.

Superfund funds gained between +26.6% (Superfund A Strategy) and +66.1% (Superfund C Strategy) since the start of the year, depending on the strategy and generic product. These record first-half results once again prove the above-average profit potential of Superfund funds, even in an uncertain stock market environment.

Long-term high yield potential for managed futures funds
By the end of June 2008, the flagship fund, the Superfund Q-AG, had reached a new all-time high. Launched in March 1996, the fund achieved a net return of +748%, representing an average annual gain of +19%. The dynamic Strategy B, the Superfund GCT USD, also posted a new record high to achieve an average annual net return of +24.4% or +539% since inception in January 2000. The aggressive Strategy C, the Superfund Cayman, recorded an average annual net performance of +32.5% or an accumulated +649% since inception in May 2001.

Profitable trends in many markets
The fully automated Superfund trading systems took full advantage of strong trends in a variety of different markets. The ongoing mortgage crisis and speculation about a further weakening of the global economy provided distinctive trends in many financial and commodity markets. Rising oil and gold prices proved particularly profitable for the Superfund trading strategies.

Gold as protection against inflation and stock crises
The new Superfund gold funds also posted an excellent first half to 2008. Since launching in November 2007, the Superfund A Gold SICAV gained a net return of +34.5%. Gold serves as protection against inflation and price fluctuations in global stock markets particularly in times of economic uncertainty. The new Superfund Gold funds offer investors both the strong performance of the Superfund trading strategy and the significant return potential of the gold price.