Good timing: Invest NOW!

In general, you should aim to invest over the medium- to long-term . In the last 12 years, the Superfund flagship fund, the Superfund Q-AG* has yielded a net income of +597.8%. This represents an average annual return of +16.8% (from 03/1996 - 08/2008). In the short-term, the right timing is crucial. If someone took advantage of the mid-year drop in prices as an investment entry point, they could achieve regular profits between September and December.

You see, it’s worth thinking about an investment in Superfund right now!

Superfund Q-AG*: Performance increase from September to December since 1998.
Note: Performance results indicated herein show the returns of the Superfund Q-AG between September and December from 1998 to 2007. Past performance of the Superfund Q-AG is not indicative of future results of this fund or other Superfund products. In particular, there is no guarantee of future positive performance for the September to December period. Drawdowns for the Superfund Q-AG may occur due to market conditions and may range between 20-30%. Decreases in value exceeding these figures are also possible at any time and the possibility of a complete loss of the principal invested cannot be excluded.