Christian Halper: “I will remain as a Consultant and Investor.”

Christian Baha, founder & owner of the Superfund group of investment companies, announced today in Vienna that he is assuming full ownership of all Superfund companies. Furthermore, Baha announced that Christian Halper, his long time friend and partner, has resigned from day to day operations in order to dedicate his time to fully philanthropic projects. This transition was initiated at the beginning of 2010 and was fully implemented by the end of last year.

“Like Christian Baha, I will remain one of the largest investors in Superfund funds and will continue investing in Superfund products because I believe these funds are some of the best investments available" said Halper of his retreat from day-to-day duties. “I am convinced of quality of the next generation of Superfund system developers, who have already implemented new innovative trading systems, especially short term strategies that aim to generate the highest possible risk adjusted returns for our clients.” Christian Halper confirms that he will remain involved in key strategic matters as a personal consultant to Mr. Baha. All teams formerly previously overseen by the two owners are now reporting directly to Christian Baha.

Christian Baha emphasized the role of his long term partner. “Superfund would not be where it is today without the tremendous efforts of Christian Halper.” The majority of the Superfund companies had already been established in the sole ownership of Baha, however shares of the companies that were previously owned by the two jointly were acquired in the fall of 2010 by Christian Baha.